Santa Rita Abbey Products

Our manual labor, vigorous and demanding, unites us to all whose work is humble and plain, and to the Workman who labored in the small town of Nazareth, and labored again on the Cross for the renewal of creation.

Cistercian Altar Breads

The Trappist Cistercian Nuns at Santa Rita Abbey have been baking altar breads for over thirty-five years. It is a joy for us to prepare the bread which becomes the Bread of Life for the People of God, and we like to think that our prayer is an extra special ingredient in our altar bread recipe. All our altar breads are 100% whole wheat. They come in five different sizes. To contact Cistercian Altar Breads: phone 520-455-0481 or toll free at 888-878-1622; email; or use our online order form.


Sr Esther’s sculptures—crucifixes, madonnas, and Scriptural pieces—are one of a kind, and can only be obtained through individual commission. Contact her by phone if you are interested. It will take time, but they are truly worth the wait.