BookNeither Be Afraid: poetry in which our sister celebrates a world glowing with our Godward destiny.

Neither Be Afraid

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PLEASE NOTE: Sister Miriam’s poetry book, “Neither Be Afraid,” is presently out of print.

We are hoping to get it reprinted, and in addition to publish a book of her lectio divina meditations. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, here is the title poem of the poetry book. It is here reprinted with permission of Ignatius Press:

Neither Be Afraid

Fear what—the salt wind? How can I be afraid
Who’ve walked in its arms along so many shores
So often, in so many kinds of weather?
Oh no, I cannot fear it any more.

Still—no horizon. That I do not like,
This liquid world of no delineation,
The loss of lines and landmarks to the fog,
The bland unstructuring of all creation.

But fear? Not quite. A pricking of the skin,
A curiosity, a hope, a fierce and lonely
Sense that form, like truth, cannot dissolve;
And for this little while, is hidden only.

That still, somewhere, the promontories are,
The punctual tides, the tall ships, and the morning star.

Written for a friend who was dying

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