Come take a closer look at Trappist Cistercian monastic life

Attend one of our Monastic Experience Weekends in 2019:

Memorial Day Weekend: May 24-27 

Labor Day Weekend: Aug 30-Sept 2

Monastic Experience Brochure

Stay in our retreat house with other women considering a call, participate in the Divine Office (a.k.a. Liturgy of the Hours) and the Eucharist, enjoy conferences by Sisters with time for questions, experience monastic work, with free time for personal prayer and reflection, and the opportunity to talk one on one with one of our Sisters.

These weekends are open to single, Catholic women, ages 21 – 40, who are interested in learning about contemplative monastic life, at open to the possibility of  a vocation to consecrated life as lived in a Cistercian monastery in the Roman Catholic Church.

Santa Rita Abbey Monastic Experience Weekend September 2016

Participants in the September 2016 MEW

Sisters at the Divine Office

To apply, use the vocation contact form (see button below right), Connect With Us > or email the vocation director at or call 520-455-5595 during business hours.

If you can’t make it to a scheduled event, ask the vocation director about making an individual visit.




(Photos by Santa Rita Abbey)