Advent Wreath Candle Blessing 2018: Fourth Sunday

December 22, 2018: Eve of the Fourth Sunday of Advent

Here we stand on the brink of Christmas. Our final candle awaits the flame. It will soon join the growing circle of light. Tonight, our candle will gather up our weeks of preparation. Listening for the approach of God in each of our moments, opening our hearts in awakening to God, receiving the Deifying Light into the secret places of our being. And tonight, to walk while we have the light of life. It is the candle of commitment that embraces action. May Jesus, the tender Son of the Father, strengthen us in our life’s journey to walk in the light. The light of the presence of the living God. May we, like this candle, complete the circle of light and walk in the footsteps of him who is the Light of the world. Lead, kindly Light. Be born anew in us.

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