Advent Wreath Candle Blessing 2018: First Sunday

December 1, 2018: Eve of the First Sunday of Advent

Here we stand at the beginning of a new liturgical year. Sr. Esther’s lovely Advent Wreath enfolds the four candles, poised and ready to receive light. Perhaps we can identify with each of the candles as they prepare to receive a particular point of light and burn brightly with it. This year, what if we look at some points from the Prologue of our Rule as points of light to which we open ourselves to invite light into our being.

On this First Sunday of Advent, as we stare down centuries of waiting before the coming of Jesus, perhaps in some ways we can “look to the East” in our hearts and with all the millions who have gone before us, wait with desire for the breaking forth of God into the world of our own times and hearts. The first word of the Prologue comes to mind: Listen!! Listen for the first faint vibration of sound which signals his approach. Perhaps the ground of our being feels his coming. Listen! As we light this first candle, may it kindle in us attention to the faint vibrations of the coming of God to us each day in the myriad forms and occasions that present themselves. Listen and burn brightly!

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