Advent Wreath Candle Blessing 2018: Third Sunday

December 15, 2018: Eve of the Third Sunday of Advent

A third candle awaits the flame tonight. It will join the others and swell the presence of light in the circle of our Advent Wreath. One candle sheds its light in listening, the second with eagerness and meekness that welcomes the light into its depths. This evening, our candle opens itself to the deifying light. The first week is our spiritual sense of hearing, the second our spiritual sense of an awakened heart. Tonight, it is our spiritual sense of sight. How eager are we to welcome the Deifying Light? It is a kindly light, even when it sheds it’s glow on the cobwebbed corners of our being, all the broken and hurting places within us where we dare not look. Let us open our spiritual eyes to the Deifying Light. It is mercy we welcome, peace that we receive. Our God comes to bring us healing in many unexpected ways. It is all about love and mercy. Let us join this candle as it receives light and burn brightly with it for each other and the world.

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