Advent Wreath Candle Blessing 2017: First Sunday

Eve of the First Sunday of Advent: December 2, 2017

This evening we take our first step into the hallowed time of Advent. We light a candle to focus our desire, toward… toward what? What is it we experience when we enter that deepest place of quiet in our being? It can be confusing sometimes when we sing about opposing realities. We sing, “O come, O come Emmanuel.” Emmanuel, Hebrew for God-with-us. How can God come if he is already here? Of course, we’re echoing the cry of the human heart as sung by the Hebrews in days of old until now. And there is the infinite capacity of our hearts to receive more and more of God. There will always be desire for God. We know Jesus has come. The Kingdom of His love is among us. All there is to do now is to open to our God-with-us, our Emmanuel. As we light the first candle this evening, may we yield our hearts in faith to God-with-us and with the light of faith, open to the Presence within. Open, open wide to God who fills every atom of our being with his humble love. May this advent candle burn as a reminder of the gentle, steady presence of God-with-us in our hearts.

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