Advent Wreath Candle Blessing 2020: 3rd Sunday

Advent Wreath Candle Blessing 2020: 3rd Sunday

December 12, 2020: Eve of the Third Sunday of Advent

Mary crowned with living light
Temple of the Lord
Place of peace and holiness
Shelter of the Word.


“Place of peace and holiness.” Peace and holiness. It sounds so perfect and it is. Peace and holiness. Who wouldn’t want it? The thing is, you can’t seek it directly, can you Mary? It is God you desired with your whole being. You welcomed Living Light to take flesh in your womb, you became a living temple of Emmanuel, God-with-us. Your peace was in your yes. Holiness was a state of being received from the heart of God and lived as a letting go into the Divine. Peace and holiness. Help us to yield ourselves to God as you did. Take our hand and gently lead us that we may open our beings to the Living God, no matter what the cost. Peace and holiness. What are they but Yes. May the flame of this third candle, light our way.