June 2020 Summertime Update

June 2020 Summertime Update

Our kitchen renovation project, begun on March 9, is now complete. We know we promised to post photos throughout the process, but … as Mother Vicki often reminds us, our life of prayer comes first before all else. Unless we continually cultivate the intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus to which he invited us, why are we here in the monastery?

Kitchen projects, unlike prayer, are easy to photograph, so here are some photos, at last.


The building which makes up our refectory and kitchen is a jigsaw puzzle of sorts, made up of repurposed buildings that were later extended and connected together. It served us well for over 35 years, but it was time for a change. In these photos from November 2018, we are doing the wash-up after our noon meal.


The infirmary kitchenette served as our temporary kitchen. The midday community meal was served in the mail room and eaten in the chapter room. It took some getting used to, but with flexibility and a sense of humor, not to mention a good dose of patience, we adapted and made it work.

Meanwhile, down in the kitchen and refectory, demolition was in full swing.

In April the new energy-efficient windows were installed and some re-configured walls began to take shape.

New cabinets arrived the week after Easter, with counter tops following in early May.

The drywall and painting crews, flooring installers, electricians and plumbers all did their part. After few finishing touches, we passed our final inspection on June 4!


The moment we passed the inspection, we began moving in. On June 6 we cooked and ate our first meal in our new kitchen and refectory!

It is now the end of June. We are settling in, figuring out the best place to put things and–the tricky part!–where to find them again, as we live into the new spaces. Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude for our benefactors who made possible our beautiful new kitchen and refectory. Many thanks to our contractor, Mellgren Homes, and all the construction crews who did their jobs so well. And above all to God from whom all good things come!