Santa Rita Abbey February 22-24, 2019–the great Arizona snow storm

Santa Rita Abbey February 22-24, 2019–the great Arizona snow storm

Hi! It’s been a while since our last journal entry. Instead of looking back to the Christmas season, which seems like ancient history now, we’ll begin this one with current events.

The big excitement of the last few days was the huge snow storm which enveloped Arizona. It began with rain last Thursday, Feb 21, which turned to snow on Friday, Feb 22. Wow did it snow! For about twelve hours straight. Photos will describe it better than words can.

Friday, February 22


The monastery barely visible from our front road


Retreatants shoveling snow on the path down the hill


Note that one of our raven friends has taken refuge from the storm on the cross on our church


View from our backyard. If you look closely you can see Sr. Cathy making a snowman.


Sr. Cathy and her adorable snowman


Saturday, February 23


Sunrise view east


Sunrise view west


Our observer, Sharon, who is spending six weeks with us to discern her vocation


The sacristy rose garden had an impressive blanket of snow


Two of our Sisters just had to make snow angels.


The view from Our Lady’s garden


Sunday, February 24


Another snowy sunrise


Icicles outside the refectory door


The ravens were out there waiting for Sr. Miriam and her bread basket


Sr. Clare marveling at the three-foot icicle outside the dormitory